Thursday, January 31, 2013

Instagram Ham

Have you ever asked yourself, "What did that one girl whose blog I read that one time eat for dinner?" or "What does her dog look like?" or "Where can I go to see a million pictures of said dog?"

Never fear, there's an app for that! You can find me on Instagram at @instantfires, and I promise I might actually start using it!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Red vs Blue

When I was in the eighth grade, I found out that the girl who sat next to me in science class was my neighbor. "Awesome," she said, "I'm going to stalk you." And that's how I met Annie, one of my best friends.

We spent a day together when I was in California, shopping, eating, driving, and then eating some more at our old high school haunts. When in Orange County, the places to be are Old Towne Orange, Huntington Beach, and Cherry on Top. Or at least they are when you're 16 and not that cool, or 20 and still not that cool.

All in all, going home felt glorious. Having a week to decompress and hang out with my mom and the friends who weren't yet back at school was great, and I didn't want to come back to real life, where pajamas aren't acceptable past noon. But I do love school and my boyfriend and my roommates and getting dressed every day, so I'm good.

Annie / dress: Spotted Moth / skirt: ? / flats: Burberry

Leslie / top: Francesca's / skirt: Modcloth / booties & tights: Target

(We're never always serious.)

P.S. I got this and this in the Modcloth sale. Now to go on a spending freeze...

Monday, January 7, 2013

Scallops on Scallops

This week, I'm visiting my mom in Orange County. She and my dad are moving to the East Coast soon - he's already there, having started his new job, and my mom is stuck in California by herself until the house sells. So, I took a week off of work and here I am!

These pictures were taken a few days ago in Arizona. The sun melted all of the snow and ice from the sidewalks, so I thought it was time to break out some shoes that aren't boots. I even left my jacket in the car - it felt so warm for January, and I have to say I'm bummed. I'm a winter girl all the way.

Anyway, my boyfriend took these photos for me AND picked out the location. Pretty good, huh? I was worried that he'd think having a blog was weird, but so far he thinks it's fun. He mostly just likes playing around with my camera...

top: local / sweater: UO / skirt: Francesca's Collections
thickest tights ever: New Look / shoes: Target

Friday, December 21, 2012

Better Late than Never

The way this blog is going is very typical of me. I start something new, am super into it for about a week, and then forget about it. I really do want to have a blog, though, so here's my first outfit post.

I wore this the other day while I finished up my Christmas shopping, but no one really saw the whole outfit because it's about 35 degrees outside and that requires a jacket. You also can't see the cute collar on this dress, which I picked up on a whim right after finishing finals. It's a little tight across the chest, but I love denim dresses and collars, especially when combined, so I couldn't say no.

Also note that I cannot keep my sleeves unscrunched, which is totally a word. I put the cardigan back on just to take pictures, and it took me under a minute to unconsciously sleeve-scrunch. It's a sickness.

dress: local / belt: from a Beatrice Holloway dress / cardigan: Urban Outfitters
boots: Modcloth / jacket: H&M / scarf: Indiska