Friday, December 21, 2012

Better Late than Never

The way this blog is going is very typical of me. I start something new, am super into it for about a week, and then forget about it. I really do want to have a blog, though, so here's my first outfit post.

I wore this the other day while I finished up my Christmas shopping, but no one really saw the whole outfit because it's about 35 degrees outside and that requires a jacket. You also can't see the cute collar on this dress, which I picked up on a whim right after finishing finals. It's a little tight across the chest, but I love denim dresses and collars, especially when combined, so I couldn't say no.

Also note that I cannot keep my sleeves unscrunched, which is totally a word. I put the cardigan back on just to take pictures, and it took me under a minute to unconsciously sleeve-scrunch. It's a sickness.

dress: local / belt: from a Beatrice Holloway dress / cardigan: Urban Outfitters
boots: Modcloth / jacket: H&M / scarf: Indiska

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Small Business Saturday

First of all, thank you to everyone who left a comment on my first post! I'm so excited that people actually stopped by.

I did, however, pick the worst time ever to start blogging. It's the end of the semester, I have bronchitis, my boyfriend has the stomach flu... basically, it's one big party. You know, the kind of party where I watch a lot of Doctor Who, sleep all the time, write two papers in a day, and there's nothing to drink but orange juice. Woohoo.

So, I thought I'd just show what's new in my poor, stuffed closet - namely, my Small Business Saturday finds. My mom was in town and I worked 16 hours on Black Friday, so I felt like I needed a shopping spree. And downtown we went! I'm lucky to live in a college town with a lot of small businesses and restaurants, so it wasn't hard to spread some Small Business Saturday love.

My mom got the best deal of the day - a $120 dress for $20. She was also more fiscally responsible than me because that was the only thing she bought. But hey, the purple dress was only $10, and the orange one was $15, so I still scored some deals! I was also recognized by employees in all but one store... I may go downtown too often.

These pictures were all taken within ten minutes of each other, so I'm not sure why the lighting is so wonky, but it's good enough. And also I'm tired.

all from local shops

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Totally Not Awkward First Post

Hello, and welcome to my totally not awkward first post. I'm Leslie, and after reading style blogs obsessively for a year or so, I'm finally attempting to start my own. Eep. I thought I'd start out with some basics about me and the blog.

My name's Leslie, with an S sound, not a Z. I'm a twenty year old student with a major in international politics and two part-time jobs. I have a boyfriend, three roommates, and a dog, all of whom crack me up on a regular basis. My second home is Sweden, and moving back there is still my number one goal.

A personal style blog. Like I said, I'm a fan of other people's blogs, but I never wanted to leave comments because I didn't have a blog of my own. The title of my blog is from a line in Andrew Marvell's To His Coy Mistress.

I'm a Californian in Arizona for now, but I'll be spending my summer in Estonia for an internship, and my next (and last!) undergrad year studying in Austria.

I love clothes and dressing up, but no one enjoys listening to my monologues about my closet quite as much as I enjoy giving them. Consider this my new outlet. And to be cheesy/honest, all of the bloggers that I read seem like such cool girls, so I want in on this community, pretty please!

That's it from me for now. I'll be back in a few days with an outfit post (provided I can outsmart my new tripod), and until then, I'm commenting on blogs that I've always been too afraid to comment on. Does that ever get less awkward? Anyway, I hope you'll say hello, and see you later!