Monday, January 7, 2013

Scallops on Scallops

This week, I'm visiting my mom in Orange County. She and my dad are moving to the East Coast soon - he's already there, having started his new job, and my mom is stuck in California by herself until the house sells. So, I took a week off of work and here I am!

These pictures were taken a few days ago in Arizona. The sun melted all of the snow and ice from the sidewalks, so I thought it was time to break out some shoes that aren't boots. I even left my jacket in the car - it felt so warm for January, and I have to say I'm bummed. I'm a winter girl all the way.

Anyway, my boyfriend took these photos for me AND picked out the location. Pretty good, huh? I was worried that he'd think having a blog was weird, but so far he thinks it's fun. He mostly just likes playing around with my camera...

top: local / sweater: UO / skirt: Francesca's Collections
thickest tights ever: New Look / shoes: Target


  1. Can I just say, you are absolutely adorable. I love any blogger who smiles in photos and yours is lovely. Also, scallops! LOVE. And fun fact: I'm from Orange County! Hope you're having a good visit with you're mom!

  2. Cute skirt, and cute smiles! I wish my cameraman was more into the pictures, mine are always back yard or living room. Maybe I need to force him on to new locations :)

    whiskey for breakfast
    365 sleepy days

  3. That shirt is the cutest! You have quite a nice boyfriend, I have to beg my fiance to take my pictures! Which is why I invested in a tripod lol.



    Southern (California) Belle

  4. the teal cardie is stunning- beautiful photos!

  5. Winter, shminter, I rather run around without a coat haha! And it's sweet your boyfriend takes the pictures for you, it's so much more easier that way! And very cute outfit, I especially like the detailing in your shirt

  6. cute look <3


  7. That is a cute outfit. I love the color of the sweater. Wow if you did not mention this was Arizona I would never have guessed. Are you in Flagstaff? Where on the east coast are they moving? I am from New York but lived in Seattle for about a decade.

    Ali of:

  8. Cute with the scallops, and I like your hair up like that.

  9. Aw, I love EVERYTHING about this! The two shades of blue you used are stunning together and it's all just so feminine and pretty. How. Cute. Are. You.

  10. Gah! THat little scalloped top is the sweetest! I love the color combo here too :-) Have fun visiting your mom!

  11. holy cow i cant believe that's all the layers you're wearing w/ that snow! i have not even managed normal tights w/ the cold chill over Phx.. which of course it nothing haha. but either way, i love that scalloped top w/ teh skirt & fun cardi color. so nice of your bf!

  12. Francessca's Collections is the BEST place to buy skirts. I've never loved a skirt more than one that came from FC. Seriously! Also you're the cutest. I always love reading that a blogger's boyfriend took her pictures because seriously, it's always obvious. The girls are always smiling more and generally looking more joyous. Hehe :)

  13. Sounds like are our boyfriends are pretty alike! Mine is a really good location scouter, haha :) In the beginning I was worried to tell him about my blog too, thinking He'd make fun of it, but now he takes basically all my photo's :) With a smile!

    I love this outfit! The skirt is super cute :) I have a very similar white one, also from Francesca's :D x


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